The current Cavour Street of Massa in ancient times it was called land of the SS.Annunziata for the presence of the Chapel with altar dedicated to the Virgin Maria in the Oratory of San Sebastiano, destroyed in the second world war.

The Cavour Street was long 245 meters and wide 9 meters, it started from the arc of Porton and finished in the Oratory; the noble families lived in the Cavour Street. Camillo Benso conte of Cavour, died in the 1861. The Cavour Street was dedicated to Camillo Benso; the street was paved with slabs of flint and sidewalks on either side.

Between the beautiful houses there was the house of the Conti Guerra (Giuseppe, Michele and Paolo); behind the house there was a garden with plants of lemons and oranges.

At the end of the garden there was the garage for horses and carriages. The Guerra house was recently renovated. In the central part of the railing of the balcony there is the coat of arms of the noble family.