Pietrasanta: its history and City Centre

Pietrasanta is a marvellous city in Versilia that has long enjoyed the patronage of artists. Thanks to its magnificent territory composed of sea, hills, mountains, culture and entertainment, it is a renown holiday resort, ideal for every kind of stay no matter which season of the year.

Dubbed “Little Athens” because of its outstanding cultural and artistic heritage, Pietrasanta has charming historical centre with its many monuments such as the Cathedral of St. Martin, the church of Saint Augustine, the Gothic Civic Tower.. Pietrasanta has always been a favourite destination of the so called intellectual tourism but it also attracted others thanks to well curated happenings such as its charming squares turning into a fairy tail “colour & light” scenery in which it is possible not only to enjoy the show and architecture, but also to spend a pleasant evening with friends in one of the many cafes of the old town.